ph.  Elmar Rubio

ph. Elmar Rubio

About ME

A lifelong devotion to aged objects began at the age of twelve when I could be found digging deep pits on the sites of Victorian rubbish tips across the north of England. I would turn up earthenware pots, glass bottles and children’s porcelain toys. I was enthralled by the differing effects of time, temperature and the elements on the ceramics and glazes. 

I went on to study at Bradford College of Art then moved to London. After a decade in the music business, I found work as an illustrator. My continued fascination with patina and ancient things then led me into antique restoration, specialising in the carving and gilding of 18th and 19th century French mirrors and Church art, particularly statues. Now I employ those techniques in the sculpting of my own pieces.

In 1990 I restored a house by the sea in Brittany and split my time between my studio there and London.